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The websites you see here are some of my projects. I will send you my profile with a list of translation projects, texts and references on request.


Some official translations can be found on my partner's website under


Kreisjugendring Unterallgäu
Kreisjugendring Unterallgäu

(regional council of youth groups)

Redesign and relaunch of the complete site

Setup of joomla! content management system

Public relations






Himbeer- und Tannenland

(raspberries and Christmas trees)

Domain registration, design and creation of the site, setup of a content management system (joomla!), images, texts, SEO









Pro Huf Webseite

Ariane Köhler Hufbearbeitung

(hoof practitioner)

Online editing, images, SEO, joomla! Content Management System





CAS Kunststoffe GmbH und Co. KG

(plastics recycling)

Website in Flash

Layout, creation with
Adobe Flash CS3





Landschaftspflege Schmitt

(gardening company)

Design, creation










(vacation homes)

Concept, design, creation, texts, video







Cornell Webseite

Cornell Pump Company
Portland, Oregon, USA

Concept, design, creation




MCP Management Consulting

MCP Management Consulting






Tears and Drops CD Cover

Tears and Drops Chicago Blues Band


Concept, creation








Animation Flaschenabfüllung Animation for training in automation

Concept, creation