Webdesign, homepage creation, SEO

Web design = Web design?

Ins Wasser fallende Zitrone

Everyone seems to have a website nowadays. But does your web presence fulfill your needs? Does it achieve what it is supposed to?

Do search engines find your pages? Do customers find the information they need, fast?


Keep in mind that you have between one and ten seconds only to gain your customer's interest on the web. Printed information does not usually end up in the waste bin after a few minutes of having been read. On the internet, competition is present at all times. At a single mouse-click, if your possible customers don't find what they are looking for. Fast.


Texts on your website are of great importance. Not only do they have to attract the reader. Search engines browse your texts for key words as well. Readable texts via which search engines find you are my area of expertise as an online journalist.

Design that matches your profile and logical navigation are my passion.


It's all in the mix


There are a lot of possibilities to design your site in a way that customers find you. In a way that persuades possible customers. In a way that customers remain customers. Via statistics tools, you can monitor your success.

I will advise you. And create your site with HTML, Flash, video and/or sound, or a content managament system, which enables you to do changes yourself once the site is up and running..